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I am a thinker, designer, leader and collaborator. My passion for this industry comes from the process of creating the connection between the brand and its consumer.

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I pledge to use the entirety of my knowledge, skill set and experience to market your product or service in the most creative and strategic way.


I will want to understand who you are and what goals you have in order to seek out the most appropriate campaign strategy for your company.


I will help you define your company's philosophy and build a visual identity which represents you accurately through all mediums.


I will conceptualize and design all of your marketing collaterals your business will need, both online and offline, to promote it effectively.


I will determine your positioning in the market in order to communicate your message clearly and to the right audience.


I will bring your brand's story to life by creating accompanying visuals and further embellish and enrich it with illustrated elements.

Digital Design

I will support your brand and its vision with user-centered graphics which will set you apart from the surrounding competition.

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My Process

The way I think is as important as the way I design.

1. Concept

2. Strategy

3. Design

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Everything I've experienced in my life has contributed to where I am today.

"Design keeps we well fed."

I am a fully bilingual, Montreal-based Art Director with over 15 years of experience and I live for design. Having worked in both the UK and here in Canada, I’ve developed extensive experience with web, branding, print, broadcast, promotional, retail and packaging projects working with several high-profile companies.

I am a highly motivated person who can manage and guide your creative team. I analyze market trends and image while developing unique ways to tell your brand story through copy, visuals and design.

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My latest thoughts and ramblings about branding and design.


I have been lucky enough to have worked for, or with some of the most incredible and inspirational people.

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