In awe of Architects


hen I think of architects, I can only imagine the technicalities they must face on a daily basis when planning and designing homes. Does the sunlight shine through flawlessly at all times of the day? Will the structure and skeleton of the house fit accurately within the aspired look? Could the ceiling height make or break the client’s brief? The list could go on but the obstacles remain challenges, even for the best of them.

The focus and determination to draft up a home from a hole in the ground has always astounded me, the results even more so. If you think about how, as a home owner, it is always best to live in your house for at least a year before truly understanding the ebb and flow of living in it. So how do the architects even begin to predict the intricacies of life before a brick has even been laid?

The tricks of their trade will always be part of a bigger and more complex science which could, and does, take years to master. In a profession where an architect’s work could be reflected on for decades and even centuries into the future, for now we can only revel in the true beauty of their craft as the building blocks of a what many of us call “home”.